How We Got Started

This concept was developed while John Hawkins, the owner of RAX by Radically Inclined was managing a high volume, on the mountain ski rental shop in 1998. While designing a new rental shop he could not find ski and snowboard racks and boot storage that met all of his demands. He then designed and constructed the RAX 32. He built enough of them to store and manage a fleet of 1000 skis. This system made the shop operate very efficiently and it utilized the limited space in the shop very effectively. It also made ski check-out and check-in operate so much more smoothly . Talk about a great way to move skis around the shop, these RAX were the way to do it, we could move up to 32 ski’s at a time. From check-out to ski school, check-in to ski maintenance and back to check-out, it really helped with the flow of the shop. These RAX have been in service for over 10 seasons and still going strong!

In 2004 John decided to start selling RAX full time. They are such a great concept, look so cool and work so well. Once the commercial RAX were developed, John designed several RAX for use at home in your garage, mountain cabin or condo. In 2006 he developed a new less expensive ski, snowboard and skateboard rack – the 4x4 Wall RAX. What a great way to efficiently and safely store that expensive ski, snowboard and skateboard equipment. It works great for x-country, twin tips, rockered and kids skis too!