Wall RAX come complete with the easy mounting hardware. It is vitally important that when mounting RAX to your wall  that the mounting screws be inserted into the wall stud. If the screws do not mount into the wall stud, it will tear a hole in the wall and fall down, which could cause injuries to you and damage to your home and equipment.

To help find the wall stud you can use a stud finder. If you do not have a stud finder, tap on the wall with your knuckles. As you tap the wall you will notice some areas sound hollow and some sound more solid. The spots that sound solid are where you will likely find the stud. Use a nail, about 3 inches long. Nail it in where you plan on screwing in the mounting screw. You will know if you hit the stud as you nail it in by the solid feel and sound as it passes through the drywall. If there is not a stud there the nail will feel like it goes into nothing and can be usually be removed with your fingers. If it goes into the stud you will need to use the claw of the hammer to remove it. Do not drive the nail in too far as it will be difficult to remove. Once you find the stud, go ahead and mount the RAX onto the wall, again, make sure the screws go into the wall stud. I would recommend a power screw driver with a long phillips or square drive attachment, if you have access to one. If not use a regular Phillips screw driver and pre-drill the hole with a 1/8″ or drill bit. Tighten screws to the wall snugly so it is not wiggling, but DO NOT over tighten; it could split your RAX.

Another note on wall studs; wall studs in most U.S. homes are 16″ apart, center to center. You can often find them at a room corner, at the edge of window, next to light switches and electrical outlets. Start here and measure 16″ intervals, until you get to the location you want to mount your RAX. Combine this method with the tapping method until you definitely find the stud. Use a level to help make sure your RAX are aligned properly and are straight.

If your home or garage has a different wall stud measurement (many garages are 24″, center to center) let me know at the time of your order and I will make the mounting holes accordingly, or you can purchase the Hollow Wall Anchor Kit.

Prior to mounting make sure there is clearance from the ceiling, walls and floor for your equipment.

Thanks again for ordering a RAX!

Ski RAX:

Ski RAX are designed to mount horizontal across the wall with your skis hanging vertically from the tips. You can also hang your ski poles on the ski tips. When mounting to the wall, note that the mounting holes are 16″ apart. It is important that both screws mount into the studs in your wall. When inserting and removing skis, make sure you insert into the slot gently and straight, do not twist. When removing skis it helps to pull up and straight out.

Snowboard RAX:

Snowboard RAX come with 2 towers and 4 – 6 screws. They are designed to mount 32″ apart and the snowboards fit with the towers on the outside of the bindings. You can display your boards with top up or top down.

Skateboard RAX:

Mount Skateboard RAX vertically on your wall, with both screws going into the same stud.

Hollow Wall Anchor Toggle Kit:

If you have a steel framed building or have some stud challenges, you can order the Hollow Wall Anchor Kit. These are the very top quality in Hollow wall anchors and will support all Wall RAX.

Installation Instructions for Optional Hollow Wall Anchors:

  • Snaptoggle Installation Image 1

    Drill a 1/2" (Ø13mm) hole. Hold metal channel flat alongside plastic straps and slide channel through hole. Minimum clearance behind wall: 1-7/8" (48mm).

    Snaptoggle Installation Image 2

    Hold ends of straps between thumb and forefinger and pull toward you until channel rests flush behind wall. Slide plastic cap along straps with other hand until flange of cap is flush with wall.

    Snaptoggle Installation Image 3

    Snap straps at wall by pushing side to side, snapping off straps level with flange of cap.

    Snaptoggle Installation Image 4

    Place item over flange. Insert bolt through item and tighten until flush against item, then stop.

    Use the supplies machine screw 

  • Wheel Kits:

RAX Wheel KitMost commercial RAX and Floor Model RAX come ready to go out of the box. If you ordered a wheel kit for your RAX there is some easy assembly. Simply turn your RAX on its top or side. Take care not to damage the sides or top. Line up the holes of the wheels with the pre-drilled holes in each of the four corners of the RAX. Tighten the lag bolts snugly with a ratchet or wrench. DO NOT over tighten as you can strip out the hole. Carefully put your RAX back on its wheels and your ready to roll!

RAX are designed to hold your Skis and Snowboards at a 45 degree angle. So when you put your skis or board in the hole, rotate them 45 degrees. This gives the best clearance for your bindings. Snowboards go 2 to each compartment and fit best bottom to bottom.

Be aware when moving your RAX – we recommend pushing it with hands on the RAX itself  not on the skis or boards. Remember if your RAX are on wheels they can will roll away if they are left unattended on sloped terrain.


Instructions for mounting the RAX Helmet, Coat Rack, Shelf.

Once you remove everything from packaging you should have:

The RAX Unit

3 ½” mounting screws (silver)

¾” short coat rack dowels

¾” long helmet rods with cap

Mounting hole plugs

Tools you will need:

Power screw driver with a long #2 phillips head.

or manual phillips screw driver


Wood Glue or white glue

Wood mallet or hammer and a piece of wood


1.       You will see some of the coat-rack dowels are already installed. IMPORTANT - You need to mount the RAX on the wall before installing any of the other dowels, otherwise they will get in the way when you are mounting the unit to the wall.

2.       Align mounting holes with wall studs. Insert 3 ½” mounting screws into the 4x4 holes. Align with wall studs and use level to level the shelf. Screw into the wall using the Power Screw driver and long Phillips drive. If you don’t have a power screw driver, mark the location of where the screws will go into the wall and pre-drill with a 1/8” diameter drill bit so the screws will go in a little easier with a manual screw driver. Screw until snug, don’t over drive the screws.

3.       Insert screws into the mounting holes in the shelf back and screw into the wall studs.

4.       Gently tap in the rest of the (coat-rack dowels) short dowels until you feel them bottom out.

5.       Put a little glue into the holes on the shelf and tap the helmet rods into the holes with a wood mallet (or put a piece of wood between the rod and hammer if you use a steel hammer) until it bottoms out. Let these dry overnight before using.

6.       Tap in the wood hole plugs, do not use glue on these if you ever may need to move the RAX.

You are ready to go! Thanks for checking out RAX!