Ski RAX Corner 8

A beautiful rich water resistant finish

Each RAX is hand finished with transparent penetrating oil that leaves a beautifully lustrous finish while providing an additional level of protection and water resistance. Go ahead and drip water on it and you will see it bead up. The finish “Penofin Verde” uses only the highest quality natural oils – sustainable harvested Brazilian Rosewood Oil, the finest Tung Oil and all natural vegetable, sunflower and soy resins. It really brings out the beauty of the cedar.

The oil finish will last for years, but if you want to spruce up your RAX use Penofin Verde , wipe it on with a cloth , then buff it to it's original beautiful finish.

It is not recommended to refinish your RAX with a stain, polyurethane or polyacrylic. These products are not compatible with the penetrating oil finish or the tannic acid naturally found in cedar. 

If you would like your RAX to come unfinished, just let us know when you order.