• Classic X-Country Ski Storage Rack


    The Classic X-Country Ski Storage Racks hold from 4 to 32 pair of skis. These ski storage floor racks are furniture quality, hand made cedar construction that are super space efficient and will last for decades! These ski storage racks work great for all skis – twin tips, rockered, Nordic and kids skis with a tail width of 102mm or less.

    All Classic Ski Racks have a beautiful and durable Tongue and Groove Cedar exterior.

    The X-country ski racks have heavy duty pvc tubes that will hold skis up to 102mm width at the tail.

    X-country Ski 4    1 row of 4    23"x11"20"

    X-country Ski Corner 4    23"x23"x20"

    X-country Ski 6    1 row of 6    32"x11"x20"

    X-country Ski 6    2 rows of 3    19"x16"x20"

    X-country Ski 8    2 rows of 4    23"x16"x20"

    X-country Ski Corner 8    19"x19"x20"

    X-country Ski 12    2 rows of 6    32"x16"x20"

    X-country Ski 16    2 rows of 8    39"x16"x20"

    X-country Ski 21    3 rows of 7    35"x25"x20"

    X-country Ski 32    4 rows of 8    39"x29"x20"

    Need a custom size? Just let me know and we will make it so!

    • 100% hand crafted from sustainable Western Red Cedar
    • Hand rubbed Brazilian Rosewood Oil finish makes it more water resistant and displays your equipment nicely
    • Each ski rack is fire heat branded and signed, dated and numbered on the bottom by the craftsman
    • Perfect for cross-country and skinnier skis
    • Floor racks come completley assembled. Unpack it and it is ready to load it up with your gear
    • Wheel kits not included. But if you want it on wheels the wheel kit comes complete with mounting hardware and the holes are pre-drilled for easy mounting