• Helmet, Glove and Jacket RAX 6


    I'm often asked, do you have something to store helmets and all for the other snow gear? Here it is! A uniquely designed coat rack and helmet storage rack that will hold all of the other stuff. It will store your coats, jackets, ski poles, goggles, helmets and there is even a bonus mini shelf for sunglasses and other small items. The beauty of this design is the helmet rods hold the helmets above the 11" wide shelf so you have room for goggles, gloves and other snow gear.

    This model has 6 pegs to hold coats, jackets, ski poles and ski pants. It has 3 helmet rods and a 41" shelf to hold goggles, gloves and other ski and snowboard stuff. It also has a bonus 3 1/2" wide mini shelf to hold sunglasses and other small items. 

    For all your other stuff!