• Kayak Storage Rack, Freestanding


    Kayaks are always a big challenge to store, whether you are keeping them near your beach or in your garage. Radically Inclined has the solution!

    These come freestanding or 4 post (you provide your own cement) in Western Red Cedar. Super strong and super durable they will withstand whatever weather comes your way. They are made of heavy duty 4x4's with carriage bolts going through each lap joint. Every connection is a Lincoln Log style lap joint to provide strength and ease of assembly. Each joint is numbered to help organize assembly on your site. Each kayak rack is pre-assembled during manufacturing to assure that everything fits properly. With the Freestanding Kayak RAX you can store an extra kayak or paddleboard on the base frame. There is also room to store paddles and gear under that side.

    Each support is 31" long so they will also accommodate stand up paddleboards. The alternating support design allows boats to fit better without getting in each other's way. Total length is 84" long.  The base is 72" wide which makes the entire unit very stable. 

    The treated kayak RAX have been discontinued. I just don't want to work with the toxic material any more and the shipping is about $100 more.

    SHipping cost on these generally cost between $200 and $250. I am charging a flat $120 so I pay the difference.